Discover the best people for your clients. Instantly.

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Improve Closing Rates

Reduce time to hire by immediately identifying top candidates for each of your open positions. Reduce top-talent attrition by automating the reading and categorizing of thousands of your applicants.

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Client Success Powered by AI

Remove fatigue, human error, and anything else getting in the way of hiring top talent for your clients. Our process ensures your clients only get the best of the best, within minutes, with the power of Artificial Intelligence to read and analyze thousands of resumes in minutes.

Simplify your Recruitment Process

Search, rank, and categorize top talent by your unique job criteria. Instantly know your top talent and rediscover relevant applicants from past job openings all in one interface to expedite and simplify your recruitment procedure.

Multilingual NLP

Understand resumes in their natural language Read any resume formats including Microsoft word, Google Docs, PDF, and any others.

Custom Candidate Searching

Weigh criteria based on your individual needs and rank applicants by their experience, qualifications, and education or any other criteria deemed pertinent.

ATS Integration

Empower your current ATS system with Talent Match to increase accuracy while decreasing the time to read and rank all candidates.

Resume Parsing

Categorize, read, and remove spam/duplicates automatically to simplify the recruiting process.